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Our Contacts
Agri Experience Ltd
P.o. Box 1720 - 00606,
Sarit Center, Nairobi.
Tel: +254 20 2626888
Cell: +254 719 554 154/ 775 825706/ 713 819406
Email: info@agri-experience.com
Website : www.agri-experience.com



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As our name implies, we have deep experience 
in agriculture, particularly in seed



What We Believe

Sorghum, Burkina Faso

Soya, Kenya

Maize trial, Mali

Climbing beans, Rwanda

Soya, Burkina Faso



We believe that agriculture is one of the most important sectors in the world – having major impacts on health, nutrition, the environment, security, economies, and social development

We believe that sub-Saharan Africa has vast untapped agricultural potential, and that African farmers and entrepreneurs should be given the opportunity and tools to tap this potential

We believe that practical solutions to agricultural challenges, based on deep experience, can deliver significant results in sub-Saharan Africa, and that theory does not substitute for experience

We believe that Africa’s women farmers should play significant roles in developing agriculture in their countries

We believe that seed systems are one of the key foundation stones upon which a strong agriculture sector must rest. 

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Our clients and partners understand the need
for sustainable seed systems.  They are committed
to developing these systems so that African farmers
can access, on a reliable and affordable basis,
the same quality of resources available to
farmers in other parts of the world.

Mususya Kaisali, farmer, Mutitu, Kenya, after planting improved hybrid maize seed

  We have extensive experience in:

  • Training, for both small and large groups
  • Due diligence for funds, corporate investors, and donors
  • Strategy development for an overall entity, or a specific department
  • Market assessment, including structure, trends, opportunities, and key issues
  • Finance, including financial analysis, control, and investment decisions
  • Staff recruitment for business functions
  • Business coaching, for individuals or teams

Cassava, Rwanda

    Our African Outreach
    Rice seed harvest, Sierra Leone
    Hybrid maize seed ears, Malawi     Seed quality field training, Ethiopia
    Improved yellow maize, Mali
Maize trial, Mali
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