Agri Experience, a Nairobi-based seed sector consultancy firm, is both an old and new company. Old because the direct experience of the company’s group of principals dates back to 1991. New because Agri Experience, Ltd. was founded in 2012.

Since our founding, we have grown rapidly to become a mid-sized consulting firm working across multiple countries. We are known for high quality field-based analysis, recommendations, and implementation support for seed sector development. Our collective careers have been very “hands on,” and our consulting practice is no different.

Our range of client assignments includes work with seed companies, regulators, policy makers, agrodealers, associations, research organizations, technology licensing entities, seed sector service providers, and donors and other development partners.

We are a business, but as a social enterprise we are strongly focused on a triple bottom line:

  • Improve smallholder farmer and seed producer productivity (social impact)
  • Build local talent in the seed sector (capacity development)
  • Be financially stable in order to sustain our work (organizational strength)

Our team of nine consultants and consulting support staff have over 80 years of seed sector experience, the majority of it in the private sector. A further five administrative and operations staff ensure the smooth operation of Agri Experience as well as client assignments.

Team Members

Valued Support Team